it’s not all sunshine and rainbows like it was when we were all but children. it’s dark and mysterious. you hear ominous footsteps in several pitches and consistencies. you never know what’s around that corner or behind that tree. maybe it’s a pitfall? or maybe it’s the portal to a better, much happier place.

we never know what’s lurking in the dark so be careful, and become the bad girl you were raised to be.


they-the monsters inside of my head

for faith, i will always believe that you are now one of my better angels


i told them i was afraid of the dark

they said to turn on a light

i told them i was always so angry

they said to get into a fight.


i told them boys wanted things

they said to give them parts of me

i said i was always resiting

they said to give in willingly.


i told them i was sick of living

they asked why live at all

i told them i was at the edge of a building

they asked why not fall.