would be

to reach the sky.

to reach the stars in the galaxies.

to see a supernova

would be beautiful

to once again have hopeful, sparkly eyes.

to not feel so alone.

to finally have happiness in a smile

would be magical

i miss you \ but i still go shopping \ i miss you \ but i still write \ and i miss you \ but i know that missing you \ shouldn’t consume me \ because together we lived beautifully \ and apart  we carry that beauty \ inside of our chests \ and i can’t live \ without missing you \ because you are one of the most beautiful things \ that has ever happened to me \ you made me not have any birthday wishes \ and you \ are such a wonderous thing \ that i could spend hours \ just missing you \ but i don’t \ because  you taught me that living \ isn’t thinking constantly \ but loving constantly \ and i can love you forever \ and still live

it’s not all sunshine and rainbows like it was when we were all but children. it’s dark and mysterious. you hear ominous footsteps in several pitches and consistencies. you never know what’s around that corner or behind that tree. maybe it’s a pitfall? or maybe it’s the portal to a better, much happier place.

we never know what’s lurking in the dark so be careful, and become the bad girl you were raised to be.


it’s been a while \ since i’ve seen her last \ and i expected \ all to be the same \ but her face is different / no lively color highlighting her cheeks / and her mother / notices my glance / can only offer / a sad smile / because / where is the girl / who buys movie theater popcorn / and doesn’t even watch the film / and the girl who uses / k instead of c / in every book report she writes / and somehow i didn’t think / that the world could reach her / from in the dark corners / where she never was / but i think maybe / that is the greatest lie we tell ourselves:/ we are but safe / as long as we avoid the darkness / but i ask / what if the darkness / has been inside of you / all along?

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take care


oh how sweet those little things are

oh how bubbly she is when she talks to you

oh how stupid is he to not talk to her anymore

oh how red her face turns from laughing

because of your jokes.


you, please never leave her like he did.

please take care of her warm and gentle soul

that she always says she never has

you don’t have to date her,

just be there for her.