take care


oh how sweet those little things are

oh how bubbly she is when she talks to you

oh how stupid is he to not talk to her anymore

oh how red her face turns from laughing

because of your jokes.


you, please never leave her like he did.

please take care of her warm and gentle soul

that she always says she never has

you don’t have to date her,

just be there for her.


you grew up so fast.

i wish you would change \ from this how-much-can-we-do \ how many people can we hurt \ how much damage can we do \ all with lighting the match \ for your flavored cigarettes \ man \ back into the boy who \ took things slow \ because he knew that he had time \ used a soft voice \ because when he talked \ people listened \ but instead \ i find a closed door \ what are you even afraid of anymore ? \ because you are treating your body like a cage \ beating again sinews \ and fighting against muscles \ acting as if \ this youth \ is an immortal thing \ but it is not \ and one day \ life is going to catch up \ and you will find yourself \ wondering where things went wrong \ what you did so bad \ to turn up \ in such a place \ as where you are

beautiful boy

i think somewhere past the atmosphere

a space boy loved his little space sister

and so he taught her how to ride shooting stars

while catching moonbeams off of comet trails

and he loved her so much that when the choice came

to save her from reality but forget

or them shatter into supernovas together

by growing up

he tried to chose the best one

but his choice was faulty because

she would have shattered a thousand times for him

while he would infinitely decide to grow up for her

irony is that they both shattered anyways

all american boy

his jean jacket hugs his shoulders

as he touches the brim of his red ball cap

in the only goodbye i’ll ever get from him

and he shoots me one last smirking grin

his rover keys swinging around his index finger

always an adrenaline junkie living off of caffeine

and petal-to-the-metal surges of feelings

that in the end

i never could give him