for drew


he sits alone before class starts

his eyes looking so bleak

but as a man he can’t show his sadness

or else he’ll be labeled as weak.


he does classwork quick

but never the best he can

because he can’t seem too smart

for he is a man.


at home his father raises a hand

tells him to man up and take it

and if he turns to walk away

the harder the hit.


since elementary he’s been told

the rules on how to be a man

but no matter what he does

he is always less than.


he doesn’t understand why

men are labeled by society

supposed to be strong and brave

and without anxiety.


he’s sick of being dehumanized

to a man of steel

because out of all the expectations for superman

none of them are real.


real men hurt and cry

real men feel fear and can be smart

and he believes he is a man

all because of his heart.