red riding hood’s warning

dearest girl don’t trust

boys with sharp eyes masked with slewed questions of mock stupidity

who smile with teeth so bright they mask the fangs

peeking above the horizon of their lips in a faux snarl

and say your name like it is a casual thing to come and go

just one of million to rumble up from their cavernous chests

where their heart is expected to rest

but these kinds of boys have long since turned heartless

an immortal evolutionary adaption Darwin himself could not find the answer to

because these boys are turned more wolf than man

but hide it with the sly superiority of alpha confidence

and let it peek through with the animalistic gleam in their eyes

when full white smiles like that of the full moon

are present on the faces of the girls whose names are spoken

with the casual authority of these boys with fangs tucked neatly

inside the flesh of their lips

and dearest I warn you to never trust boys with honeyed words

that are shadowed with the ashy residue of anger

and the sly smirk of known wittiness

for they are armed with fangs and claws

just waiting to devour you

beautiful boy

i think somewhere past the atmosphere

a space boy loved his little space sister

and so he taught her how to ride shooting stars

while catching moonbeams off of comet trails

and he loved her so much that when the choice came

to save her from reality but forget

or them shatter into supernovas together

by growing up

he tried to chose the best one

but his choice was faulty because

she would have shattered a thousand times for him

while he would infinitely decide to grow up for her

irony is that they both shattered anyways

all american boy

his jean jacket hugs his shoulders

as he touches the brim of his red ball cap

in the only goodbye i’ll ever get from him

and he shoots me one last smirking grin

his rover keys swinging around his index finger

always an adrenaline junkie living off of caffeine

and petal-to-the-metal surges of feelings

that in the end

i never could give him

there was no suddenness to our end:

no avalanche of heated arguments

or a sudden loss of feelings in a terrifying drop


we ended so slowly that

i sometimes catch myself thinking

that i spent over two lifetimes with you

but in neither did you ever love me

her belly folds like an accordion

the purple lightning bolts of her thighs touching tile

as a yellow handle of a glorified razor is clasped in her palm

which she she uses to desperately shave the golden fur on her legs

(the last proof that she has relations with the lioness)

mw- lemonade, porch swings, pinky promises, hot baths, baggy t-shirts, wildflowers, accoustic guitar, starry nights, chacos, novels, pumpkin pie, ankle bracelets, beach towels, field guides, skinny diping, sharpie tattoos, short hair, polariod photos, string lights, campfire smoke, feminist quotes, post cards, poetry, ripped jean shorts, skipping stones, big laughs, fireworks,kitchen dancing, sweaters, orange cream popcicles, sassy sayings, rain boots, sunscreen, tangled sheets.

jj- spicy foods, sprite, xbox, rock, edm, pop, piano, converse, oversized t-shirt’s, hoodies, joggers, sweatpants, long hair, piercings, fairy lights, polaroids, beats, christmas trees, bonfires, pumpkin, pancakes, skate parks, skateboarding, trust issues, blushing, loving, giggling, messy buns, books, writing, magic, procrastination, chevron, stripes, paint, fashion designing, supernovas, galaxies, milky way, stars, astrology, universe, planets, friends.

•all poetry is original, do not copyright•


we used to watch//cringy movies just for the//heck of it and// wear thrift store jelwery// to homecoming// while hiding converses beneath our golden tulle dresses// at the winter dance// and people knew us by our// colorful socks and chacos in the bathroom//peeking underneath the stall door// but now we let our black ankle socks// bunch in our high tops// as we try not to tap our foot in// algebra class// as we try to find x// but really// we need to be trying to find ourselves again//because we somehow lost them along the way// there is no us anymore